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US petcoke exports total 3.4 million mt in August, up 28%: Census

http://www.chemnet.com   Oct 12,2017 Platts
US calcined and non-calcined petcoke exports for August totaled 3.41 million mt, up 28% from July and up 14.8% from the year-ago month, Census Bureau data showed.

On a year-to-date basis, petcoke exports have totaled 26.5 million mt through August, or 0.7% ahead of the same eight month period in 2016.

India received the highest volume of US petcoke exports during the month, totaling 557,869 mt in August, up 24.3% from July but down 17.6% from the year-ago month, according to the data.

Turkey had the second largest volume of US exports at 391,651 mt in August, up 89% from July and up 23% from the year-ago month, and Mexico received 354,298 mt of US petcoke exports during the month, up 2.1% from July and up 11% from the year-ago month.


On the origination side, New Orleans had the highest volume of petcoke exports at 893,781 mt in August, up 67% from July and up 16% from the year-ago month.

Petcoke exports from the ports of Houston and Galveston totaled 858,759 mt in August, up 46% from July and up 33% from the year-ago month.

Port Arthur exports totaled 552,997 mt in August, down 5% from July, but up 49% from the year-ago month.
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