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JEA requests bids for 70,000 st of green delayed petcoke

http://www.chemnet.com   Jun 11,2019 S&P Global Platts
JEA Fuel Management Service is pursuing proposals for 70,000 st of green delayed petcoke for its Northside Generating Station.

An initial delivery of 35,000 st is expected between late July and early August, while the second 35,000 st delivery will be needed in early September at JEA's Northside Marine Facility in Jacksonville, Florida.

The freshwater draft is 36 feet unless river draft restrictions change.

The petcoke should have a minimum heat content of 13,000, an HGI between 25-80, an as-received particle size between 0.1 inch-2 inches and a minimum ash fusion of 2050 degreesF.

Specifications are based on an "as received" basis, and so will be tested on a "raw fuel" basis and not an "ash" basis.

Moisture and ash must have a maximum of 10% and 1%, respectively, fixed carbon must be between 71%-88% and volatile matter should make up between 7%-14%.

Ultimate analysis as given by percentage weight should be 78%-89% carbon, 3.2%-5.8% hydrogen, 0.4%-2% nitrogen, 0.2%-1.8% oxygen, in addition to a maximum sulfur weight of 6.5%.

Chlorine is expected to be below 0.05%, while fluorine, lead and mercury content cannot exceed 0.0106 Ilb/MMBtu, 0.00278 Ilb/MMBtu and 0.0000174 Ilb/MMBtu.

Total vanadium and nickel content should not exceed 2,000 ppm, iron and phosphorus should both total 0.05%, and combined sodium and potassium content is expected to total less than 0.05% on a dry fuel basis.

Bids will not necessarily be removed if the bid fails to meet all of the outlined quality specifications.

Any modifications to the bid must be given before the bidding period ends, and any late bids will not be considered.

Bids are due by 2 pm Wednesday, June 19, and the successful bidder will be notified at 2 pm Thursday, June 27.

The award will be based on lowest total unit operating cost, and JEA will take all liability once the petcoke is unloaded at the Northside Station.

Request for further information should be directed to Randall Van Aartson or Mike Crosse of JEA at 904-665-8308 or 904-665-7293, respectively.
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