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SunSirs: China Corn Starch Prices Fell in July

http://www.chemnet.com   Aug 01,2022 SunSIrs

  According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the price of domestic corn starch fell in July. The average price of first-class corn starch was 3,418.00 RMB/ ton on July 1 and 3,346.00 RMB/ ton on July 29, a decrease of 2.11% during the month.

  In July, the domestic corn market price fluctuated downward as a whole, the raw material cost continued to decline, the downstream trade main body had a strong wait-and-see attitude, coupled with frequent high temperature and rainy weather, the domestic starch industry was not prosperous in the peak season, and the overall inventory of starch was overstocked. In order to ensure delivery, corn starch processing enterprises have reduced the ex factory price. In July, the domestic corn starch market price was affected by the continuous decline of corn price as a whole, the overall pressure continued to fall.

  According to the corn starch product analyst of shanghaishe, the raw material cost continues to be weak, the downstream demand season is not prosperous, and the inventory continues to increase. It is expected that China domestic corn starch market price will continue to follow the weak corn price in August.

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