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SunSirs: This Week, the Price of Titanium Concentrate in Panxi Area Decreased Slightly (September 16-22)

http://www.chemnet.com   Sep 23,2022 SunSirs

This week, the price of titanium concentrate in Panxi area decreased slightly. As of the 22nd, the price of 38-42 grade titanium ore without tax was around 1,420-1,450 RMB/ton, the price of 46 grade 10 titanium ore excluding tax was around 2,040-2,100 RMB/ton, and the price of 47 grade 20 ore was 2,300-2,400 RMB/ton or so.

Analysis review

The overall market was light, and the downstream titanium dioxide market was not good. Buyers were cautious and wait-and-see. Small and medium-sized miners were under great pressure, and the overall market was weak and stable.

Market outlook

In the short term, there are few transactions in the titanium concentrate market, the overall market is weak, and the actual transaction price is negotiated one by one.

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