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SunSirs: The Price of Domestic Titanium Dioxide Was Basically Stable (January 9-16)

https://www.chemnet.com   Jan 18,2023 SunSirs

  Take the rutile titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid process, which had a large volume of shipments in the domestic market, as an example. According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the market price of titanium dioxide was basically stable this week. The average price of domestic titanium dioxide is 15933.33 RMB/ton.

  Analysis review

  The domestic titanium dioxide market had a general trading situation, the Spring Festival holiday was approaching, the downstream demand was small, and the market price remained stable. Recently, manufacturers had begun to repair, cut production and stop production, and the overall market was not started enough before the year. As of the 16th, most domestic rutile titanium dioxide quotations were between 15,000 and 17,000 RMB/ton; The quotation of anatase titanium dioxide was about 14,000-14,500 RMB/ton.

  In terms of titanium concentrate, the price of titanium concentrate in Panxi region is stable as a whole. The market as a whole is light with few inquiries. As of the 16th, the tax-free quotation of 38-42 grade titanium concentrate was about 1,420-1,450 RMB/ton, the tax-free quotation of 46 grade 10 titanium concentrate was about 2,080-2,150 RMB/ton, and the quotation of 47 grade 20 titanium concentrate was about 2,300-2,400 RMB/ton. In the short term, the titanium concentrate market is dominated by maintaining stability, and the price of the actual transaction needs to be negotiated.

  In terms of sulfuric acid, the domestic sulfuric acid market price fell. The price of sulfuric acid was reduced from 280 RMB/ton on last Monday to 271.67 RMB/ton on this Monday, with a decrease of 2.97%. The upstream sulfur market fell slightly recently, and the cost support was insufficient. The downstream hydrofluoric acid market fell slightly, the titanium dioxide market was low and consolidated, and the downstream customers were commonly motivated to purchase sulfuric acid.

  Market outlook

  According to the titanium dioxide analyst of SunSirs, the market price of sulfuric acid was reduced, and the price of titanium concentrate in Panxi was stable. The cost support of titanium dioxide was acceptable. At present, the domestic titanium dioxide market demand is weak and the market price remains stable. It is expected that the price of titanium dioxide will be stable in the short term, and the actual transaction price will be negotiated separately.

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