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SunSirs: Gauze Inventory Drops, Cotton Yarn Transaction Situation in China Market Improves

http://www.chemnet.com   Jan 13,2022 SunSirs

  Price: On January 12, the price of 32S cotton yarn was 30,383 yuan/ton, up 0.72% from the beginning of the month.

  Analysis: The shipment of cotton yarn is relatively improved, the quotations of enterprises are cautious, and the quotations of some manufacturers are raised. The upstream cotton market rose, and the downstream replenishment was better than the form, which supported the price of cotton yarn. In terms of inventory, according to statistics, the inventory of yarn and grey cloth has dropped significantly, but the overall position is still high. Cotton yarn enterprises are mainly faced with the decline of corporate profits under high costs, and the downstream acceptance of high cotton prices is not high, and the transmission of the industrial chain is not smooth. Most downstream weaving, printing and dyeing companies plan to have a holiday in mid-January, and demand will continue to weaken.

  Prediction: As the Spring Festival is approaching and the domestic epidemic situation is repeated, market transactions are gradually weakening. It is expected that cotton yarn will remain high and volatile in the short term, and be alert to the risk of falling.

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