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China Chemical Weekly is in hot sale

https://www.chemnet.com   Sep 01,2010

Do you know the hot news happened in china petrochemical industry?


Do you know the latest quote of chemical commodity that you concerning about?


Do you know the business leads from china?


All the answers could be found in “China chemical weekly”!


By the advantage of china chemical news, chemnet has draw several issues of “China chemical weekly”. The content of “China chemical weekly” is mainly about news & quotations & business leads, and all of that are focused on china. It’s just a window of china petrochemical & chemical industry.


Free service would last to October for new register, and booked the whole year weekly will only cost $ 500 now!


The following website is “China chemical weekly”(on 17 Sep)




More detail,kindly please contact

Contact person´╝ÜMelissa Li, Tel: +0086-531-62311900, Fax: +0086-531-62311800,
Email: liwenjing@netsun.com

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