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ChemNet released its first mobile App--ChemIndex

https://www.chemnet.com   Sep 17,2013 ChemNet
ChemNet released its first mobile App--ChemIndex on Sept 16,2013. ChemIndex was developed by ChemNet with over 1.8 million pieces of chemical information. It is used to search the registration, physicochemical and structural information of chemicals. You can search the chemical by its Chinese name, English name, CAS number or EC number. And this APP supports supplier search for some chemicals.

ChemNet (www.chemnet.com) is a vertical website created and operated by Netsun (stock code: 002095). It is the first website specialized in chemical industry in China, and ranks highest for its members, data and visits. ChemNet has the largest chemical database in China, including more than 100 thousand chemical sites in over 40 countries and regions, over 25000 chemical enterprises and over 600 thousand pieces of chemical product records. Besides ChemIndex, ChemNet has more than 40 professional database such as Pharmaceutical Chemistry Dictionary, Registered Pesticide Database and Aromatizer Database, etc.

  For android
  Download: http://www10.toocle.com/down/cas.apk
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  For iphone
  Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/chemindex/id708997884?ls=1&mt=8
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