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SunSirs: Without Favorable Support, the Sodium Hyphosphate Market Remained Stable This Week

https://www.chemnet.com   May 13,2024 SunSirs

  Price trend

  According to the monitoring of the commodity market analysis system of SunSirs, the market for sodium hypophosphate remained stable this week. As of May 10th, the mainstream price of sodium hypophosphate (2123, 99% content) in China was 14,733.33 RMB/ton, which was unchanged from last month. The mainstream price of sodium hypophosphate (2123, 102% content) was 20,533.33 RMB/ton, which was unchanged from the previous month.

  Analysis review

  Cost side:

  On May 10th, the benchmark price of phosphorus yellow in SunSirs was 22,760 RMB/ton, a decrease of 833 RMB/ton or 3.53% compared to May 1st, and an increase of 100 RMB/ton or 0.44% compared to April. This week, the phosphorus yellow market was weak and the consumption of phosphorus yellow was weak. Enterprises mainly purchased according to orders, while other terminal enterprises had no positive news for the time being.

  Demand side:

  The main downstream flame retardant enterprises had been operating steadily, with primary demand for procurement and weak demand for other downstream products. Sporadic on-demand procurement and average shipments had led to severe price pressure from traders. The supply of sodium hypophosphate was sufficient, and the confidence of enterprises in stabilizing prices was insufficient. A few sodium hypophosphate enterprises had lowered prices and cleared their inventory.

  Market outlook

  The upstream phosphorus yellow market was operating weakly, and the supply side support for sodium hypophosphate was showing a weakening trend. The inventory situation on the market was still good, and there was still a strong sentiment of price support. The price was mainly maintained, and the mentality of the holders was still acceptable. Downstream users will continue to purchase on demand, and it is expected that the price of sodium hypophosphate in the market will remain stable and consolidate in the near future.

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